With all of the stress in this world, do you really need your video games stressing you out too? If midterms have you frazzled, consider picking up a mellow title to help unwind. To help you on your path to chilling, here are some suggestions from the PlayStation Network that can increase your calm.

When it comes to mellow gaming, nothing can beat “Flower.” This trippy half-game, half-art piece puts you inside the dream of a potted flower in the big city.

Using the Sixaxis controls, you can enter the flower’s dreamscape to guide a breeze through a field to help flowers blossom. Each awakened bud rewards you with a musical chime and a new flower petal to dance on the breeze.

If the introduction didn’t sell you on just how soothing the game is, you probably need to lay off the coffee. The game is just a peaceful version of a flight simulator with gorgeous graphics. It may sound boring, but once you have awakened a ring of flowers that activates whole new areas, you will be hooked.

Now, “Flower” may sound weird, but nothing can hold a candle to “Noby Noby Boy.” This downloadable gem from the makers of the underground smash “Katamari Damacy” puts you in control of Boy, a multicolored centipede-like creature with a love of stretching. With one thumbstick controlling Boy’s head and the other controlling his butt, you will stretch, fly and eat your way through strange lands.

Unlike “Katamari Damacy,” with its often-abusive King, “Noby Noby Boy” has no time limits, fail conditions or even clear-cut goals beyond stretching. The game is so freeform, you will actually need to access the in-game manual just to learn the variety of things you can do. Or you can eat the manual, as well as anything else Boy is big enough to swallow and then excrete as a new, merged creature. While there is an online tally to see who has stretched the furthest, even this is undercut by the ideal that everyone is working together to make one giant stretch count.

Best of all, both of these games are less than the price of a movie ticket. So, when you feel like you need to drown your sorrows in hard liquor, consider these mellow titles instead. Or, if you’re over 21 and responsible, drown yourself in hard liquor while playing these mellow games.