Dear readers, we understand that you’re already in college and a movie about prom might be of no consequence to you. In fact, you may even be trying to forget all about your own experience, and this movie may remind you of many horrible memories.

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year again for high school students. Spring is here and along with it, finals.

Soon you’ll need to shop for a cap and gown and find something special for grad night and the graduation after parties. You’ll sign your friends’ yearbooks and promise them to keep in touch. You’ll say farewell to your teenage years and enter adulthood. But before all that, there is one more fun thing to do.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s prom night. Got a date yet?

Danny Stein (Steven Kaplan) does not. The old, reliable, kind of like a Buick Danny. President of his class. Trumpet player in the school band. In fact, he is so good that he has the pleasure of playing for his mother and her lover while they slow dance.

However, he is not that good with girls, which is not surprising since he gets his dating advice from his dad (William H. Macy), whom all his dates are scared of.

It is not that there is no one he can take to the prom. For example, there is Camille (Alia Shawkat), his childhood friend, who is equally as odd and socially inept as Danny. There is also Brittany, Camille’s younger sister, who always walks around in her sexy panties. And then, there is Alice (Ashley Benson), the hot, blonde, sophomore cheerleader who was sort of coming on to him … not.

Yes, unfortunately Danny does not have a date, while Bart, the school loser, does.

Bart Got a Room, simply put, is another teenage movie dealing with sexually frustrated high school kids. Frankly, in this day and age, not having a prom date does not seem significant in light of everything that’s happening around the globe.

It is understandable that some viewers may feel this movie provides some sort of comic relief from the troubles in the world. That would be true, if Bart Got a Room were funny. However, the same way Danny fails to find a date, Bart Got a Room misses the funny mark.

Grade: D

Bart Got a Room releases in select theaters April 3.