Heard of Elephants is not a pack of pachyderms, it’s a L.A. creative collective uniting a vision of forward-thinking music, art and multimedia: a community of likeminded artists bringing their inventiveness to the masses via live events and heardofelephants.net. Heard of Elephants, Volume One collects two songs from six groups aligned with Heard of Elephants, offering a progressive music mix of indie-pop, jazz, shoegazer, folk and post-rock.

Random Patterns contributes art-damaged indie-pop with a slight two-tone ska mode. Charts and Maps play left-of-center psychedelic-jazz fusion comparable to Soft Machine jamming with Tortoise.

Pride of Kenya delivers infectious dream pop influenced by My Bloody Valentine and Ride. Guitar/drums duo the Nocturnes also share a shoegazer slant, but are darker and more vaporous.

As a contrast, acoustic folk twosome Semiconscious Gloria mines a mellow and melancholy lo-fi domain. Post-rock Danger Bees advance a vigorous, technically superb vibe with funky keyboards, cerebral guitar, sax and eerie, wordless vocals.

Grade: B

Heard of Elephants, Volume One is currently available.