Los Angeles is a movie town. Everyone is either working on one, writing one, trying to be in one, on their way to see one or all of the above. It’s a wonder we have any time to eat! If you’re heading to a movie at the Grove you don’t have to settle for plain ol’ popcorn and Goobers as your dinner substitute. Check out these gems instead!

Welcome to the Grove (189 Grove Drive, Los Angeles) or, as I like to call it, American Euro-Disney for Adults. As an outdoor mall, getting food isn’t an issue, I mean, hell, who doesn’t want to wait an hour and 15 minutes for a table at the Cheesecake Factory? But for those in a rush, on a budget or in need of something with a little more pizzazz, the Grove has wonderful offerings.

Let us not forget, the historic Farmer’s Market is right next door. Whether you’re jonesing for crepes (French Crepe Company, sweet or savory, they are masterful crepe makers), brilliant Brazilian barbecue (Pampas Grill, filled with garlicy, smokey goodness!) or a good ol’ Chipotle burrito (nothing makes a mouth happier), they’ve got it. But the newer mall has treasures for your taste buds, too.

The All American Sausage Co. serves up combos that include crisp fries, kosher sausage sandwiches and a drink. Chicken cilantro, Spicy turkey Italian, all Beef, Smoked Apple, take your pick; they’re all scrumptious, especially when stacked onto a toasty roll and smothered in your choice of toppings. Just the mention has my mouth watering for a spicy Cajun dog drenched in mustard before piles of sauerkraut, lettuce, tomato and pickles are heaped onto warm, crusty bread.

Best of all, the Grove allows you to bring your perfect movie meal into the theater to enjoy during your flick. How else are you supposed to keep your stamina up through Watchmen?

For those who crave a post-theater meal, head to Morels. The occasionally stuffy, overpriced and slow French bistro hides a secret gem.

Don’t go upstairs, that’s where they price gouge you. Grab a table downstairs with a view of the dancing fountains and get ready for their stunning Smoked Salmon Flat Bread Pizza. It’s ravishing! Fluffy, crisp dough rises up under a gooey layer of crème fraiche, beaten egg and Emmanthal cheese then topped with sweet caramelized onions, punchy capers and large pieces of fresh salmon.

I don’t get the “Smoked” part of the pizza title, but it’s a minor snafu happily overlooked because this pizza is psychotically addictive and perfect for a post-movie discussion. Arriving on a white platter, this bad boy is almost two feet long and able to feed two to three people.

If you happen to be heading to the ArcLight instead of the Grove, I have two words for you: Caramel Corn! There is no better sugary treat in the city, and if you eat it with Junior Mints, it tastes like a candy cane!

Of course, for something more substantial there’s the ArcLight Café downstairs, but their chicken tends to be dry, their bread moist and the entire meal a little airplane food tasting. Instead, walk east two blocks and snag a high top at Bowery (6268 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles), where the Moules Frites sing a siren song of meaty mussels, buttery leeks and punchy tomatoes in a winey broth that begs for the accompanying perfectly crisp shoestring potatoes to take a dip. They’re ready for their close-up.