We live in an age where there are products to take care of almost any expensive item you own. There are cases for iPods, screen covers for cell phones and annoying plastic grips for Wii remotes. People seem obsessed with making sure they don’t break items that will be obsolete in two years, but we tend to forget about the one thing we are stuck with our whole lives – our bodies.

Sure, we diet and go to the gym, but we all have to admit that we neglect our bodies in some ways. Regardless of the care we take to choose healthy alternatives, we regularly brutalize our backs with backpacks, messenger bags and purses, not to mention the strains that we don’t even think about. This is all compounded with the fact that college life stresses us out so heavily that we end up with back and neck pains.

The Human Touch HT-1470 Back Massage Pad is an amazing way to give your back the thank you gift of relaxation. The HT-1470 attaches to any chair with a high back and offers three ranges of massage – full back, middle and lower back, or just lower back.

The massage is deep enough that even the most tense user will feel the stress being beaten away, yet it is gentle enough that you don’t feel like your back has just been repeatedly punched by robotic fists.  The HT-1470 also offers a heating function that really soothes the back and an automatic shutdown so that you don’t burn down the dorms when you fall asleep from relaxation.

Admittedly, the sticker price (starting at $150) is a bit steep for a college budget, but it is definitely cheaper than going repeatedly to a masseuse or a spa. It would also be a great graduation present from the parents or a treat to help you cope with midterms and finals.