The super success of He’s Just Not that Into You and Sex and the City has paved the way for the media to help young men and women learn more about relationships, from dating to mating, intimacy and companionship. As guys stereotypically are even hesitant to ask for driving directions, they are even more reluctant to inquire on matters of the heart.

This is where Amit Krispin and Jason Burinescu enter: Their ingenious creation of the Web site is basically a way for men to learn and laugh about the opposite sex in a safe, non-threatening, high tech fashion. This Web site gives guys the opportunity to upload questions via video and present it to a panel of expert female advisors, who are “at their service.”

States Krispin, “We created the site to blend entertainment and information, to help guys in all matters of the relationship process – pick ups, dating, romance and bedroom etiquette – it covers the entire gamut!”

A recent question posed to the “Hot Chicks” entailed a guy wondering if it was politically and socially correct for his girlfriend to openly flirt with men, including his friends.

AskTheHotChick advice? They assured him that a common problem with so many couples is communication and trust, and advised him to not place his girlfriend on the defensive, and everything should turn out OK. The Web site has a huge success rate so far, and the developers have goals of expanding into an online dating/matchmaking service as well.

Krispin is thrilled that “it has reduced the common stigma that guys think it’s uncool to seek advice and self-help even when feeling socially challenged and confused.”

The “Hot Chicks” are beautiful, bright, witty women who attract guys who previously only had Maxim and Playboy as guides. has cast a wider net for self-help in the world wide web of love and romance.