To gamers, the world is a constant threat to their good times. The world is filled with roommates who walk in front of the screen, rolling blackouts and red rings of death, all waiting to keep you from your high score or beating that last level. While there may be no cure for these annoyances, Cambre’s Game On video game storage system can at least help keep your system organized and safe from wayward feet and vacuum cleaners.

This sturdy unit comes in six striking colors and is built to hold any front-loading gaming system including the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation3. It even has shelf space on top for 10 game cases and thick plastic loops on the sides for your controllers.

Some hardcore gamers can understandably complain that the assembly time needed for the Game On may beg the question why they couldn’t just get some plywood and build their own. While there are diagrams on the Internet to build your own similar unit, the easy IKEA-like assembly of the Game On is perfect for gamers with little carpentry experience but like the feeling that they have put something together by hand. Another feature that Game On offers is a series of ventilation slots on either side of the unit.

Once you have your Game On assembled, you can just keep it on the floor or mount it on the wall. Cambre even makes an additional unit – the Stashbox – that can be combined with the Game On to hold 32 additional game or DVD cases. Whether you decorate these cases yourself or opt for the simplicity of the color you have chosen, the Game On and Stashbox will not only keep your games and system safe, it may actually add some order to your room.