Death is hard. Eulogies are simple. Stripped down harmonies, naked guitar plucks, bass-driven tracks and endearing vocals take charge on what is bound to become one of 2009’s untapped gems. With Here Anonymous, simplicity trumps overproduction and defines an emotive tone that somehow screams sentimental drama over buoyant melodies.

Here Anonymous immediately shoots out of the floodgates with “Day to Day” and instantaneously hooks the earbuds with its soothing bass-and-guitar combo and frontman Peter Walker’s reposing chorus. Nikki Monninger of label mates Silversun Pickups joins Walker for a heaven-sent duet on “Two Can Play,” a subtle ditty about a waning love. The aptly titled “Out of Character” proves to be the only thumping rocker in an otherwise placid release, while “Stranger Calliope” experiments with an organ and flute.

Here Anonymous comes to an abrupt end, leaving listeners waiting for the long-lost art of the secret track. Despite the album’s progressing climax, it’s easy to confuse beginning with end, further convincing listeners of an alternate ending, but with no such luck.

Grade: A

Here Anonymous is currently available.