It’s quite astonishing how fun, funny, witty and clever “Misalliance” is, considering George Bernard Shaw wrote this play in 1909. This amusing farce on marriages, relationships, courtships, female/male pursuits and most of all, “misalliances” is quite apropos and timely for Los Angeles 2009, although it’s set in turn of the century London.

Shaw, deeply inspired by Henrik Ibsen (“A Doll’s House”), explores the theme of women in relentless pursuit of the object of their affections – in this case, Hypatia Tarleton (played by Abigail Rose Solomon from “Days of Our Lives”) and her many paramours. She is matched up with Bentley (Orestes Arcuni), the emotionally immature son of Lord Summerhays, but then the dashing Joey Percival (Nick Mennell of Friday the 13th) sweeps her off her feet.

“Misalliance” is sure to bring a laugh a minute, with its eloquent diction, poetic soliloquies and charming banter and romps between the sexes.

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