A father, Agamemnon (Ronnie Clark), sacrifices his daughter for the war effort, driving his wife, Clytemnestra (a superb Trace Turville), to madness and eventually murder in “Home Siege Home,” part one of Katharine Noon’s modern retelling of Aeschylus’s Clytemnestra. (The other two plays, versions of Elektra and Orestes, are performed together on alternate nights.)

When Agamemnon finally returns from the war, she begs him to describe the details of their daughter’s death. He recounts the torrid tale, and Clytemnestra slits Agamemnon’s throat in the very same fashion.

Sarah Broyle’s Tess and Brian Weir’s transgender Hermione provide the most comedic moments. Their timing is brilliant.

“Home Siege Home” isn’t sweet, but it’s certainly a treat.

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