Padua Playwrights and Zoo District combine efforts to make a full evening of three new works by playwright Murray Mednick. Two plays and a film are served up with complimentary refreshments, a full meal and dessert all for the event’s namesake “Fifty Bucks.”

While each piece addresses pressing issues of the human condition in classic Mednick fashion, each differs wildly. In “The Destruction of the Fourth World,” we watch the struggles of a dysfunctional family as they wrestle with past traumas, a mother’s suicide and a grandmother’s holocaust survival. The cast makes a valiant effort to bring cohesion to this story, and while there are powerful moments, too often the play becomes a victim of its own gimmickry, so that ideas imbedded in the text are lost.

Mednick’s genius shines brightest with “Clown Show for Bruno,” the story of Jewish writer/artist Bruno Schulz. A fantastic ensemble using tricks from vaudeville tells this true story with humor and devastating pathos.

The film “Girl on a Bed” is a haunting and beautiful true story of lost life and innocence. Each of Mednick’s works can be seen individually, and it is (in my opinion) better that way.

Every Saturday you can see all three productions, including dinner and dessert for $50. Art Share L.A. is located at 801 East 4th Pl., Los Angeles. For more information and for the full play schedule, visit