If you are a fan of the unique world of gadgets, you will know that we live in a world of multiple-use items. In the mainstream alone, you can check your e-mail on your television, watch television shows on your MP3 player, listen to MP3s on your phone and make calls from your computer.

Delving a bit deeper into the gadget world, you can find T-shirts that act as your own personal studio audience, sunglasses that can take videos and watches that can make phone calls. Basically, if you can make something, someone will find a way to make it do something else.

The Flashlight-er takes this multifunctional trend to a far more useful place. This unique device looks exactly like a car cigarette lighter-based charger with a USB port, but the addition of a super-bright multi-LED flashlight makes it more than just a charger.

When the Flashlight-er is plugged in it acts as a charger, but it shines a brilliant light when it is unplugged. This means that it is not only functional, but it can really be a lifesaver if you have car troubles on the road at night.

Of course, this would not be as useful if it wasn’t also a good car charger. Fortunately, this charger is not just useful and compatible with any device that can be charged with a USB port, it claims that its unique design can actually outperform comparable chargers.

This means that you can charge any USB-based cell phone, and if you accidentally drop it, you will have the ability to find it in the dark. That may not sound like much now, but it really is better than a wi-finder T-shirt when you really need to call a tow truck at night with a dead battery.