Ordinary characters get tossed into extraordinary circumstances when two sisters inherit a stamp collection from their recently deceased mother and argue over its ownership. When they come to think that the collection might possibly be worth millions, they also can’t agree with what to do with it.

A few others who also want in on the action immediately complicate their dilemma. It’s a classic case of philately incompatibility!

With “Mauritius,” Pasadena Playhouse delivers a perfectly balanced tale of drama and comedy. The performances are exceptional and very believable.

This is an entertaining night of theater. The characters intermingle and overlap brilliantly. This well-written story winds and weaves its way around so many twists and bends that before the climax arrives it will have you guessing what the outcome might be.

Pasadena Playhouse is located at 39 S. El Molino Ave., Pasadena. For more information, visit pasadenaplayhouse.org.