In case you haven’t noticed, old is new again. Many of Hollywood’s A-listers are sprucing up spring with vintage, one-of-a-kind looks.

Even though it may be tough to find an exact replica by shopping at Sequels in Beverly Hills, it won’t be too hard to look like your favorite celebrity; the store specializes in upscale contemporary and vintage couture from today’s most popular designers. In fact, most of its collections and designs come straight from stylists, TV and movie costume designers or off the backs of famous celebrities themselves.

When it comes to dressing like the celebrities, not only did video games and other various paraphernalia spawn from the hugely successful Matrix movies, but sci-fi fashion did as well. Although the movie was futuristic, The Matrix has influenced many current fashion designers and runway shows.

The Skif sweaters worn by actors such as Keanu reeves, Laurence Fishbourne and Carrie-Anne Moss in the film have started a whole new trend in fashion and are now being featured at Sequels.

These sweaters are perhaps best known for being uncomplicated and freeform, with raw, unfinished edges, chunky seams and distinctive metal tags sewn on the backs. Only natural fibers, including yarn from Turkey and Bemberg rayon are used to make them.

The unique part about these sweaters is that they can be dressed up or dressed down for a more casual look. Not only that, but they are unique in that there is no correct way to wear them. The sweaters may be worn inside out, upside down, wrapped, draped or layered.

Aside from being the newest must-have item in fashion, these particular sweaters are also rare collectors’ items. There were only a total of 98 sweaters made for the film, making each one sold an authentic, singular piece.

Not only does Sequels feature rare finds such as these sweaters, but it also carries this season’s must-have items. From new to used and from dresses to accessories, the store carries all things high fashion.

Although it’s upscale, there are bargains to be had. Most of the featured items (ranging in condition from new, like new, mint, excellent and very good) are up to 75 percent off and 10 percent of each purchase is donated to charity. New items arrive daily.

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