Our glorious city of Los Angeles prides itself on its synthesis of high class and low rent. We want to try and live like kings and queens, but still want to retain our SoCal laziness and love of the ordinary. While this trend has permeated itself through clothing and style, i.e. the filmmaker sport coat over destroyed vintage T-shirt business casual affair look, it’s not tough to find other, more, shall we say, tastefully executed examples.

Ketchup is a restaurant that exemplifies this Angeleno irony through its use of rare, high-class ingredients used to recreate run-of-the-mill food items. The product is about as odd as you could imagine, yet remains utterly delectable.  

For example, I think we have all, at one time, craved a big fat chili dog with all the trimmings. When you’re taking that hot blonde out for a night on the town, this clearly won’t fly.

Ketchup offers a compromise. One of their many appetizers of a similar trend consists of mini Kobe beef hot dogs covered with an equally Kobe-infused chili.

And, come on, any ol’ place can offer just one kind of ketchup to dip these guys in. Ketchup, so aptly titled as they are, offers no less than five different varieties including maple and wasabi flavors.

The rest of the menu carries on this theme of sophisticated commonplace. Their famous mac n’ cheese is infused with Dungeness crab to create a truly unique taste. Kobe beef sliders can be had with Vintage Van Gogh gouda cheese for a really rare phenomenon.  

While the price may carry a respectable premium over your neighborhood dive bar food, this is entirely understandable. This is Hollywood. Next time you’re craving some junk food, take a jump and live like a rock star. Try Ketchup on for size and don’t forget to wear your $300 destroyed pair of jeans; they only compliment the experience.

Ketchup is located at 8590 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood.