What else could you possibly need for a good time?

Jason Statham and Amy Smart are back for another amped up thrill ride in Crank: High Voltage.

The second Crank film kicks back into high gear at the exact moment the first film ended; after hitman Chev Chelios (Statham) plummeted 3,000 feet from a helicopter, bounced off the roof of a car and lived thanks to his new indestructible heart, one that gets stolen by Chinese gangsters this time and replaced with a battery operated ticker that leaves him with only one hour to get his uber-heart back.

“Friction is the key word in this one,” Statham’s co-star Smart, who reprises her role as Chelios’ girlfriend Eve, says slyly. “They basically took the same premise from Crank, but in this one he has to have friction with his body to keep the battery charged. They found many new outrageous things for him to do to keep his heart rate up.”

But it’s not just Statham who has to surrender to the outrageous. After their notorious Chinatown sex scene, Eve has a sexual liberation and decides to become a pole dancer.

Some of the first images to leak from the film set were of Smart sporting nothing but bikini bottoms and strategically placed duct tape, but she says she never felt nervous or uncomfortable. Not in duct tape pasties, not with a horse racetrack sex scene, not when she got the chance to beat up Corey Haim who plays her “boyfriend/pimp.”

“I’m pretty game,” Smart says nonchalantly. “I’m not scared to look like a complete fool in front of people. I had so much fun filming this. It’s completely over the top and funny at the same time.”

Crank: High Voltage releases in theaters April 17.