Justin Tanner never misses the mark as a playwright who delivers witty entertainment, and his latest comedy, “Voice Lessons,” is no exception. Laurie Metcalf and French Stewart provide a riotous look and some crazy characters that turn ordinary events into extraordinary laughs.

One look at Virginia (Metcalf) and you know she is a woman that’s living life to her own tune. She wants to be the next, great singing star, and she employs voice teacher Nate (Stewart) to make that dream happen.

Against his better judgment he takes on the new, wacky client. Virginia definitely wants to be the maestro of every situation, and before long Nate is fighting to prevent the line between personal and professional interaction from blurring and fading completely.

When Virginia’s friend Sheryl (actress Maile Flanagan) enters the arrangement, everything falls apart in a hysterical climax!

The Zephyr Theatre is located at 7456 Melrose Ave., Hollywood. For more information, visit plays411.com/voicelessons.