Goths Helena (Laura Lee Bahr) and Garth (Kerr Seth Lordygan) are sharing an apartment when they meet Joe (Kadyr Gutierrez) separately and fall in love with him. Joe’s a bisexual and returns the flow.

Garth’s got an overbearing mother, Mabel (Taylor Ashbrook), who is in denial about her son’s sexual leanings. Add an ax murderer splitting up the relationship by taking Joe out of the equation, and you’ve got the premise for some 20 heavy-handed musical numbers that are practically all recitative.

The humor is “MADtv” styled, as a funny Chris Vose (the detective) tries to solve the murder. Sandra Purpuro as Joanie and Levi Packer as Draken, a two person Greek Chorus, were very pleasant to watch. George “Drew” DeRieux provided live electric guitar backup to a majority of the numbers.

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