If the world of “American Idol” means little to you, and the legions of celebrity lip sync singers has you yearning for the classics, Westbound Train may have the sound you’ve been yearning for. This catchy band’s unique mix of ska and reggae with soul, blues and jazz returns for a fourth album – the first in about three years – and it’s a strong showing.

From the moment that the reggae refrain from “You Don’t Belong Here” – the first track – works its way into your brain, you will be at the album’s mercy. The album then seamlessly flows through toe-tapping tunes, managing to combine the soulful vocals of lead singer Obi “Day 19” Fernandez with the band’s jamming horns, guitars, keyboard and drums.

Assuming that you can appreciate a nice, slow reggae jam, Come and Get It is full of indulgently catchy tunes that will follow you throughout the day.

Grade: A

Come and Get It is currently available.