Remember the Walkman? Or back when the Discman was the coolest thing out there? We’d lug around a bunch of our favorite CDs, limited to no more than 100 songs, and pop one into this hmmm … moderately sized device.

While some of us sit and ponder why people still bother to buy CDs, we should probably admit that the Discman wasn’t, by any means, the easiest set-up. Naturally, these Music Men have long since disappeared, replaced by MP3 players, including one tiny little gadget that is collectively loathed by music player manufacturers everywhere; all of course, except the proud parent, Apple.

But for the mass college arena, a breakthrough in music is about to be made again. No, not to replace the iPod … well actually, sort of.

The good people of Sonos have created a new multi-room music system that allows all music lovers to wirelessly stream music throughout their homes. Using Sonos zone players, either connected directly to speakers or to your home theater and stereo system, each room can enjoy its own quality sound or be linked together in “party mode” to play the same song in perfect synchronization.

For one fraternity at USC, Delta Tau Delta, Sonos has wiped away the hassle of switching iPods throughout the night to find the right music, increasing ease and reducing theft from unattended docks.

Corbin Johnson, who first introduced the system to his fraternity house, says, “It’s really convenient. From an iPhone or controller, you are able to pull music from playlists from everyone in the house, as well as services like Pandora and Rhapsody. We have a couple guys who can set the playlist for the night choosing from a huge range of music.”

Brian Tung, a fellow member of Delta Tau Delta, agrees, “It’s awesome. It’s really the best way for me to listen to music with my brothers