“Stick Fly” is an intelligent albeit predictable exploration into the structure of an African-American wealthy family.

On the surface, the weekend the LeVay family is to spend in their vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard looks like it will be a warm, personal event. Not so. The group throws itself into a domestic powder keg of prejudice, hypocrisy and family secrets dealing with illegitimate children, old affairs and new racial tensions.

Tinashe Kajese, as the youthful maid Cheryl, goes over the top emotionally too soon in the piece, leaving nowhere for the character to go when the climax hits. Terrell Tilford and Chris Butler fare well as brothers Flip and Kent. Avery Clyde, as Flip’s Caucasian girlfriend, stays levelheaded throughout despite racial slurs, while Michole Briana White, as Kent’s girl, rides an emotional roller coaster as an old affair with Flip is revealed.

Lydia R. Diamond’s dialogue is exquisite and the direction by Shirley Joe Finney is seamless.

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