If you haven’t seen the “Rad Girls” show, get ready for some all-girl wild stunts and crazy feminine antics. Past pranks have included cast member Ramona Cash asking credulous pedestrians if she could lay unpalatable anal gas in their unwitting mouths, cast member Munchie drinking her own urine and cast member Darling Clementine pouring hot sauce in her eyeballs. Ouch.

Often described as the female rock ’n’ roll equivalent of “Jackass,” “Rad Girls” had its first run on the FUSE network in 2007 and has since moved on to MavTV for season two and its upcoming season three.

The project originated in Santa Cruz, Calif., where the bang ’em up spitfires began to film their skits. Since then the Rad Girls moved to Los Angeles and have defied stereotypes by having women inhabit what most audiences believe to be an area dominated by male stunt junkies and lame-os.

On April 23 at the Keyclub, the Rad Girls will be screening an episode with unreleased footage that includes the gang experimenting with unadvised liquids in a Neti Pot, one of the girls riding a ferocious rodeo bull and a birthday (Mace?) party for the ages.

Also on the bill are the Randies, an all-girl, L.A.-based punk band, who will be performing after the screening. The new White Stripes-esque rock duet, Space Junkies will open the show at 9 p.m.

The musical element of the show bleeds onto the cast, as Darling Clementine will perform a couple of original tunes to get the crowd going.

The Rad Girls Season 2 DVD will be available soon.

For more information, visit radgirls.tv.