Spaceland is always an interesting place to see a band live. The stage is an interesting mix of glittery grimness that colors the musicians’ performance. As soon as Headlights took the stage their sound completely transcended this feeling.

Performing songs from their sophomore effort Some Racing, Some Stopping, the room was filled with pop sugary goodness. These songs are a great deal different than what they created in their first album. Their sound on stage is a great deal fuller, softer, slower and filled with delicate melodies.

When they performed “Cherry Tulips,” their first single, I felt as though my head stopped for a second. What I had replayed over and over on my iPod took on a whole new life that night. Erin Fein, Headlights vocalist, held the song together by adding a delicate layer to the band’s fragile melodies.

Without a doubt they are an act to appreciate on record, but must absolutely not be missed live.