Did you ever fantasize about watching the big game in your science lab? Have you ever thought it would be much more fun to be taking shots out of a test tube rather than making some basic solvent for chemistry class? Well, then if you haven’t already, make your way to the Lab Gastropub, USC Hospitality Service’s newest creation.

The Lab serves a multitude of beers on tap or in a bottle, features a full bar and a full menu full of amazingly tasty treats. This hip new-age science lab fits the need of any college student in need of a break.

Although you may feel like you’re in a classroom, with the chalkboard decorations and communal “lab” tables, this pub offers more treats than any classroom ever could. With great prices and an all-star staff, the Lab, its ambiance and its proximity to campus make it a smart choice for any student looking for anything from a quick thirst quencher (try their dry Vanilla Bean soda) to a full blown gourmet meal.

From starters such as onion rings served with raspberry ketchup, flatbreads sure to meet everyone’s tastes and delicious chicken quesadillas, the items on the clipboard menus are sure to please any crowd. The starters are all cheap and meant to be shared.

The Lab’s take on sandwiches are unique and delicious. From steak and greens to the standard Black Angus burgers, these are sure to satisfy your stomach’s hunger.

If it’s a big meal you’re looking for, this chic college bar will rock your world. From shrimp to seared tuna, they’ve got their equations all correct. The Lab – which features a great indoor atmosphere, or the ability to take your party outside and enjoy the great L.A. weather – will fill your craving for a new college pit stop.

It’s scientifically proven you will love it!

For more information, call (213) 743-1843 or visit thelab.usc.edu.