You have to wonder what the members of Moonalice were thinking when they went into the studio to cut this album. They are all exceptional and very experienced musicians; guitarist G.E. Smith from the “Saturday Night Live” Band, Pete Sears from Jefferson Starship, Jack Casady from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna and Barry Sless from Phil Lesh’s (the Grateful Dead) band. Rounding out the band are Roger and Ann McNamee from the Flying Other Bros. Band.

With all this talent, why then did they just phone it in over the course of these 11 songs? They may have played note-perfect (under the watchful ears of revered producer T-Bone Burnett), but they played completely without passion. There is no electricity or exciting interplay in songs like the plodding “Unspoken Words” or in “Blink of an Eye” where vocalist McNamee sounds like a very bored Chrissie Hynde. The only song here of any real interest is the haunting and slide guitar filled “Eileen Aroon.” Surely these old hippies can do a lot better than this.

Grade: C

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