I’m a burger lover, not an expert. But the Port & Stilton Burger at Umami was one of the most amazing I’ve ever eaten.

Smothered in blue cheese and port-caramelized onions, it’s a savory (a synonym for umami), artful creation. Not to mention the sweet, scrumptious golden bun that’s just the right texture and taste: It’d be delicious all by itself.

They’ve got six other burgers on the menu, plus specials each night. I was lucky enough to sample the scallop burger, boasting a wonderfully light fish flavor, pounded thin with a mouth-watering sauce spread on top.

Each burger is cooked to medium perfection, from the decadent Truffle (Italian truffle cheese, truffle glaze) to the Hi-End Chili (with grated artisan cheddar). Then there are a few divergences from beef: the Triple Pork (fresh ground pork spiced with chorizo and cob-smoked bacon, aged manchego, pimenton aioli) and the Mideast (Sonoma lamb with honey-harissa sauce).

For sides, it’s hard to choose, but they’re served in small portions so you might as well get all three: hand cut, triple-cooked fries, sweet potato chips and malt liquor tempura onion rings. I think I was also treated to an eggplant fry that mistakenly ended up at the bottom of my regulars.

For a beverage, what better way to wash down a burger than with Mexican coke?

Umami leaves the desserts to others. It serves Cake Monkey Desserts (available only on the web and in two other L.A. locations) and Milk (7290 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles) Ice Cream Sandwiches. I delicately scarfed down a mint chocolate chip sandwich. And though I didn’t have the room (or nerve), I so wanted to sip on the Cafegado, two shots of espresso over vanilla bean gelato.

For more information, call (323) 931-3000 or visit umamiburger.com.