As children, many of us would do acts – whether they were sporting feats, magic tricks or just making faces into a video camera – that we hoped would get us noticed and appreciated. Once we start getting a bit older, we are taught that small, silent successes are better than broadcasting yourself at the risk of looking like a fool. We learn to act like stereotypical adults rather than unique children.

Fortunately, many of us ignore these lessons and choose self-expression over safety. We are awesome, hear us vlog. Or make a mix CD. Or just do those little things that make us feel like creative geniuses without straying too far from the safe confines of our adult lives. Whatever you do to express yourself, there is a good reason why all of the great idioms about self-expression all seem to be about volume.

Nobody understands this better than the audiophiles at Blue Microphones. This microphone manufacturing monolith – the brainchild of a musician and an audio engineer – has taken last year’s recording powerhouse, the Snowflake, and added an HD camera to form the “Eyeball.”

Granted, the name is a bit gross, but you cannot argue with the sound, picture and convenience of this powerful little Web cam. In fact, the crystal clear sound and 1280x1024, 30 FPS HD video may be wasted on just any chat, Skype or video blogging software you may have picked up off the net. Still, the Eyeball is a plug-and-play wonder that improves on the already powerful and compact design of the Snowflake, making it perfect for on-the-go vlogging.

If your need to express your style and taste can be satisfied with just impressing your roommates with some tunes, the “i2i Stream” is a great way to get your music to your roommates’ headphones or speakers. The base set comes with two tiny, thin boxes that could be used as either transmitters or receivers, with each transmitter wirelessly reaching about 30 feet.

You can assign up to three receivers to one transmitter and selecting between one of seven transmission channels is as easy as pushing a button. Best of all, the wireless signal really conveys the sound without any notable loss in quality.

This may not seem like much heavy audio lifting for around $120 per pair, but think of all the possibilities. By chaining these rechargeable wireless wonders together, you can create a wireless connection to speakers throughout the room then switch the audio to any standard headphone just by changing audio channels. Gamers can even use this to play local multiplayer on the couch with two buddies in headphones, leaving your roommate free to study without explosions in the background.

Of course, sometimes it’s just about keeping your self-expression simple and personal. If your cell phone – with its MP3 library, video browsing and directory of friends and family waiting to waste some minutes – is your customized companion, then the Spracht “Aura Blu Note” gives it the muscle to really rock. This thin Bluetooth-powered speaker packs quite an audible punch, giving you the experience of a boombox and a speakerphone in one lightweight frame.

The Aura Blu Note lives up to its slightly high $120 price tag by delivering quality audio with optional bass boost and stereo widening when connected with a 3.5 mm audio cable to your device or from up to 30-feet through Bluetooth. It runs just as well off internal batteries as it does on a power cable so you can play your tunes on the go and chat with a friend from your room with equally excellent sound quality.