Club Good Hurt is all about the ambiance. It tries hard to achieve a unique vibe and succeeds quite well on most levels. From their faux Red Cross logo to the various “prescriptions” that can be ordered from the bar, the medicinal theme crosses over many elements of the design of the club.

Furthermore, the bartenders aptly dress in hot vinyl nurse outfits to further put you at ease as you listen to the eclectic mix of music you may encounter on any night. The place hits on the right compromise between size and style, and while I was not here on a weekend, rest assured that this place gets packed.

Club Good Hurt is equal parts bar and concert venue and serves up live music every day of the week. While the sound acoustics won’t light any ears on fire, its stage is perfectly sized for the venue. There are several pool tables for those nights when the bands aren’t up to snuff.

While Club Good Hurt does not offer a fully stocked bar, they serve up some interesting signature drinks with a heavy emphasis on the tequila. While the drink selection may be somewhat limiting, my “nurse” served me up some seriously stiff concoctions, something that should be appropriate considering the slightly higher than normal prices. There is also a cover charge most nights of the week, so call ahead and keep that in mind before you make the trek, or brief walk, to Club Good Hurt.

Regardless of my qualms, I found Club Good Hurt to offer an extremely unique package for its relatively obscure location, and think it’s worth a visit for those who live in the area.

For more information, call (310) 390-1076 or visit