Playwright Vern Thiessen’s award-winning play “Apple” is being given a good once over by Beverly Hills group Theatre 40. When viewed as a story of choices rather than of love, this play, starring Carmit Levité, Albie Selznick and Ellyn Stern, bristles with sharp, insightful dialogue and well-defined characters.  

Stern is remarkable as Evelyn, delivering an opening monologue with wit and a bravado that works hard to overshadow the character’s insecurity. Selznick plays her jobless husband, Andy, a man who falls into an affair because of the loveless marriage he finds himself in. Levité is strong and sexy as the other woman, Samantha, who also happens to be the doctor Evelyn goes to when she’s stricken with cancer.

Andy seems to go with the flow, being the effect in both relationships. Evelyn knows she’s dying: “I used to be beautiful but now I’m full of poison.” Funny thing here is the more Evelyn becomes unavailable to Andy, the more he reaches for her. Will he choose to stay with Evelyn to the bitter end, or run off with the appealing Samantha?

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