Nomo’s sublime counterpart to last year’s Ghost Rock features a more robust rhythm section that has a jazzier, organic feel to it than Ghost Rock’s electronica vibe.

Recorded over the last year, Invisible Cities picks up where the last album left off and adds personality to an already unique band. Known for their electric kalimba side business, Nomo utilized their homemade instruments to play a predominant role throughout the entire nine-song listen.

Although both albums were recorded at roughly the same time, they are two different beasts. Each album seems to build an empire of soul that the band thrives on.

“Waiting” is perhaps the finest song produced out of the joint venture of both albums. Not far behind is the title track and “Patterns.”

Invisible Cities offers nine reasons why Nomo pushes the envelope of genre classification: They’re just too damn good for any label.

Grade: A+

Invisible Cities is currently available.