The worlds of culture and pop music collide on Sinem Saniye’s debut album, When I Don’t Sleep. Demonstrating a mature, well-developed degree of artistry, the New York-based Saniye is unique, captivating and present. Saniye’s artistic relevance is fueled by the ingenious blends of jazz, bossa nova, Latin and Middle-Eastern tastes that could be enjoyed by diverse music listeners of all preferences.

And though she may still be a fresh face on the music scene, the songstress is able to engulf herself completely in her music, revealing engaging lyrics about youth tribulations, the experiences of growing up and personal joys of being in love. Her single and the album’s standout track “Are We In Love” remarks Saniye’s quiet confidence, one that is pleasant yet entirely attention-grabbing.

If the album’s title has anything to do with her creative process, a blessed case of insomnia just might be the secret to Saniye’s success.

Grade: A

When I Don’t Sleep.. is currently available.