There are people in this world who feel that music is a personal experience. This article is definitely not aimed at them. No, these products are for those who live their musical lives loud and proud.

From the moment you open its fancy carrying case, the iSound Ice compact speakers have a mesmerizing appeal. These tiny clear cubes look more like plastic novelty ice cubes than speakers – an effect that is amplified when the neon blue glow kicks in after they are plugged in – but do not mistake these speakers for a cheap toy. Inside these tiny transparent plastic shells lies amazingly loud, clear sound quality.

Beyond being loud and visually appealing, the Ice speakers are great space-savers. They are small enough to pull out whenever you want to blast your MP3 player, DS or PSP, yet they can capably boost your laptop’s audio without taking any room from your already crowded desk. Granted, this ultra-portability comes with a far-too-short power cable, but this is ultimately a very tiny flaw to an otherwise great pair of speakers.

If you love showing off but need to keep your tunes to yourself, the iFrogz EarPollution line of headphones is in a class of its own. Whether you go with the NervePipes or Fallout styles, these are the most unique audio accessories you will ever wear thanks to the online design system at

Each style allows you to pick the colors, patterns and materials of various parts of the headphones, including the material the ear cushions are made of. It may seem silly to wear pink faux fur-lined headphones, but they make a statement and are by far the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear, all for the price of a standard pair of headphones.