Sometimes when one tries to make a statement with jewelry, it’s done in one of two ways: either cheesy “look at me I’m flashy, and I say something!” or very trendy. How refreshing it is that JMEmerge necklaces fit neither of those categories.

Created by Kansas born artist JonMarc Edwards, Merge is a sophisticated interpretation of his reputed artwork. Edwards’ ability to communicate intricate shapes and simple words into necklaces is unique and socially conscious.

Currently the line features necklaces with simple statements like Hope, Love, Earth, Change and Peace. While the message on the necklace is clear, the designs are intricate in nature and very versatile.

Lucite, silver and gold are available, as well as men’s accessories. The pieces range from $22 for a pair of earrings to $110 for a silver necklace.

Portions of proceeds go toward the non profit organization Reach Out and Read, a program founded by a team of doctors in Boston geared to help parents introduce reading to their children at an early age.

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