Hopkins is in a reggae mood this time out, but that doesn’t mean that he’s foregoing the chilly, ultra-hip jazz-hop instrumentals that he normally favors. Music Is My Medicine opens with a sublime acoustic guitar, flute and electric piano number called “The Old Spot,” but it’s just a warm up for perhaps the most stunning cut here, “Brother John.”

The song conjures a scene where only hipsters are allowed; a vodka-scented place where a sea of glowing cigarette cherries bop in unison to a hypnotic groove. The quasi-reggae of “Riff Raff Rollin” is not quite as exclusive, but it still takes on an air of exotica thanks to the use of a melodica as lead instrument.

“Tune Traveler” is also reggae but done in a style that sounds like how a Clutchy-fied version of Brit band 10 C.C. might sound. “Cold and Wet” sounds a bit eerie in places as Hopkins uses Theremin or something that mimics that odd instrument to grab the listener’s attention. And that’s where Hopkins is a master – these grooves are totally laid back. but they’ll still catch you off guard on a regular basis.