Nerds, audiophiles and other gadget aficionados, it is time to face one hard fact. The heat is here, and for some reason, people seem to like going out into it. As much as you might want to think that you will be able to live in a meat locker-cool bedroom with little more light than the glow of “World of Warcraft” bathing your room, the unfortunate fact is that somebody is eventually going to find a way to trick you outdoors.

Fear not, technophiles of Los Angeles, because that dreaded outdoor world does not need to be a technology-free zone. You can still show off your geek cred while attempting to make the most of that “fresh air” everyone keeps going on about.

We all know that you don’t have to be a nerd to be chronically attached to your MP3 player, but that does not make it any less of an obsession. If you have ever been asked whether there is anywhere you won’t wear your MP3 player, you can now steadfastly reply “no,” thanks to the SwiMP3.

Yes, you read that right. The SwiMP3 is a watertight, self-contained MP3 player intended for use in the swimming pool.

These blue-and-white headphones are connected by a cable with a built-in USB plug, allowing you to easily upload MP3s onto the device without having to worry about the electronics being shorted out by the water. Granted, the fact that you can only wear these by clipping them onto the straps of your goggles makes them a bit unwieldy for the casual swimmer, but this is a small price for underwater music.

The SwiMP3 works through a unique bone-conducting technology that transmits the sound through the water without having to jam earplugs into your ears. The result is a sound that seems a bit off when heard in the open air but is perfectly clear when heard underwater. Intense swimmers may find that they will need to turn the volume up to overpower swimming sounds, but this is the perfect tool for competitive swimmers in training as well as those who just want to avoid silence-fueled boredom while swimming.

Of course, your nature-loving friends may not feel content in just dragging you outside. They may actually expect you to be social while enduring the open air and direct sunlight. This does not necessarily mean that you must separate from your iPod, though.

The Hercules i-XPS120 Outdoor Speaker System For iPod recalls the graceful curves of the classic boombox but with a decidedly more high-tech twist. Just slide your iPod into the front of this sleek speaker box to share your favorite playlist with everyone within earshot. While there may not be any guarantee that the people who you associate will actually appreciate your music, there is no arguing with the sound quality and volume of this lightweight yet powerful portable speaker.

Like many iPod speakers, you can use the Hercules Outdoor Speaker System with A/C power, but this speaker system is made to hit the road. The clear plastic front cover helps to protect your iPod from wayward Frisbees while the rest of the device prides itself on being dust and water spray resistant. While this audio gem is decidedly not intended to go into the pool, the protective covering and ability to run off four C batteries gives you the ability to blast your tunes at the beach or by the poolside.