Check out the Kara Wily Pilates Studio (510 N. Larchmont Ave., Suite B, Los Angeles; 323-595-2852) where you’ll meet Certified Pilates Guru Gia Marakas. The bubbly instructor will educate you in the ways of pilates, explaining how and why your muscles contract and elongate.

Her focus is strictly on you, but all in a loving way. Pilates is meant to build muscle tone and strengthen those hard to read core muscles.

Here I thought I was going to be able to do pilates since I go to the gym almost every day and do yoga, but man is this a tough, albeit rewarding workout! Marakas offers one on one, group or in-home training for those who are shy.

When you’re not working with Marakas to whittle that waist, try Dr. Rey’s Shapewear line ( Known from the hit reality series “Dr. 90210,” Dr. Rey collaborated with lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi to create a line gives you that perfect body without going under the knife.

Thankfully the Shapewear target market is those of us who love our body just the way it is, but would like to enhance it. Prices run from $30 up to about $70.