June 2 should bring a burst of good energy to any music lover’s ears. The ninth studio recording from 311, Uplifter, promises to be yet another heavy hitter for the Nebraska-bred quintet; this time they were guided by noted producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi).

“From the beginning, we knew that Bob was a perfect match. He came in and shook things up, challenging our patterns of creativity and keeping us inspired so that every track came from the heart,” explains singer Nick Hexum.

One song, “Too Much, Too Fast,” Hexum describes as reminiscent of the British pop genre, with the inclusion of stylish guitar arrangements and keyboards.

Uplifter’s inclusion in the 19-year-old and counting 311 catalog is destined to be one of the band’s most ambitious to date. In addition to being offered in its standard version, it will also be sold as a Deluxe Edition with a special DVD, a vinyl version and an iTunes exclusive track as well.

Finally in true 311 fashion the band will be launching their fifth annual summer Unity Tour.

“No matter what, it always comes back to our fans. We always want to make sure they know how grateful we are to them,” says Hexum.

The Unity Tour has always married different genres of music. Last year Snoop Dogg co-headlined with 311. This year, the electrifying Ziggy Marley and the Expendables take the reins. What a great way to spend a summer, no?

Uplifter is currently available. 311 will perform on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” June 4 in Hollywood and July 12 at Verizon Amphitheatre, Irvine. For more information, visit 311.com.