The Music Center’s Ahmanson Theatre will present three enchanted evenings of dance, performed by Ballet Hispanico. Min-Tzu Li, a native of Taiwan and graduate of the Boston Conservatory, is thrilled to spend a second season with the company.

Upon graduating from the Boston Conservatory, where Li performed works by masters including Martha Graham and José Limón, she auditioned for Ballet Hispanico and has been touring the States for the past two years.

“For me, it’s a really international experience, seeing different places, cities, theaters and meeting really great people!” Li says.

When asked about her favorite dance style, she states, “For me, I really like contemporary dance, but in conservatory we were lucky enough to learn, perform and master all styles: ballet, jazz and modern.”

This diversity has come in handy for Li, as the Ballet Hispanico program features a diverse blend of dance styles, from the spirited, high energy conga, mambo and cha-cha blend in “Club Havana” to the jazzy, funky “Ritmo y Ruido” by Tony award-winning choreographer Ann Reinking.

With the rising popularity of reality shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars,” Li is glad to see that various forms of dance are attracting the public and raising awareness of this cultural art form. The chance to work with the diverse, multicultural company of Ballet Hispanico has expanded Li’s horizons, and given her the chance to master and perfect styles of ballroom, mambo and cha-cha.

Min-Tzu Li can’t express her thanks and support enough to artistic director Tina Ramirez: “She has been instrumental in working with and supporting international dancers like myself. The company has been like a family to me. Tina’s like a second mom to me, really nurturing and so gracious and graceful!”

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