OK, there’s some good here, some bad and some room for easy improvement that will surely come with time. First, the Tempe fivesome definitely know how to make a big sounding song with the tried and true mix of melodic and screaming vocals over guitar riffing. “Risen” stands out as the most memorable track on the album, but it’s a slow build up to it as the 10th track of 12 total.

While lead vocalist Alexia Rodriquez is emotive throughout the album, she often gets overpowered by the other instruments and co-vocalist Brandon Anderson, the latter of the two’s strength undoubtedly being in his screams rather than his melodic vocals. I can see how these kids might put on an energetic live show with these songs, and are more the victim of shoddy and amateurish production than anything with Rodriguez’s vocal cracks left in, seemingly to signify emotional vulnerability.

At the very least, they’re not the worst thing to emerge from the Warped pack. That would be Millionaires.

Grade: B-

The World Outside is currently available.