Humans cannot live on a meal plan alone. In the beginning, an endless supply of Frosted Flakes and plenty of discretionary funds for grab-and-go fortification seem great, but there are only so many trips to Café 84 for a Jamba Juice one can handle. When the prospect of another meal at EVK is enough to make you want to eat your own hair, rest assured, salvation is within reach.

Once home to a solitary, sad, unwelcoming Sizzler, which was barely wheezing, let alone sizzling, USC purchased the Radisson across from campus, just south of the newly constructed Galen Center, and created their own restaurant row (3500 Figueroa Blvd.; ?213-743-1843). There’s McKay’s, a simple, elegant restaurant lounge, Rosso’s, a lively pizzeria and the jewel in their crown, The Lab, a gastropub that’s been winning hearts, minds, palates and design awards since it opened in March. Sure the beer in beakers (They have over 40 varieties.) and equations on the wall are cute, but the food is what brings people back. I give an A-plus to their Buffalo Chicken Wrap ($8), oozing with the perfect blend of tang, heat and blue cheesy goodness. From the flatbreads and fritters to their outstanding desserts, the Lab has this game down to a science.

Chano’s (3000 S. Figueroa St.; 213-747-3944): In a stand-alone stucco building, on an unassuming corner of Figueroa, is an outpost of chili cheese heaven, a carne asada mecca. Honestly, I don’t know that you’re allowed to graduate from USC without having at least one drunken or hung-over meal at Chano’s. They say you’re a Trojan for life; part of that is answering this question: Whatchu know about some chili cheese fries ($2.86)? With a hamburger only costing $2.49 and burritos setting you back $4.17 (Their carne asada is outstanding.), let’s be honest, Chano’s is dirty, greasy, drive-thru food … and it’s delicious.

The Tacos in the Arco station at the corner of Hoover and 23rd (2211 S. Hoover St., 213-747-4967), I know, I know, this sounds scary, but I promise, this no-name taco stand is insanely divine. Unbeknownst to most people stopping for a fill-up, inside this Arco station are some of the best tacos in Los Angeles. Served fresh and hot off the grill, their $1.50 tacos, (either carnitas, pollo or asada) arrive on warm, fresh corn tortillas scattered with chopped onions, cilantro and an amazing roja salsa. For non-meat eaters, their vegetarian burrito is packed with flavorful rice, beans, salsa and cheese for only $4. Be sure to try their Aguas Frescas, especially the outstanding Horchata ($1.50-$2).

La Barca (2414 S. Vermont Ave.; 323-735-6567):?Dark and cavernous, La Barca beckons with two siren songs: strong, delicious margaritas and the El Coloso Burrito ($8.50), possibly the best bang for your buck in Los Angeles. Stuffed with pork or beef, rice, cheese, lettuce, beans, tomato, onions, topped with mojado sauce and cheese and garnished with sour cream and guacamole, this bad boy is large enough to feed four – with leftovers.

Viztango Café (3017 S. Figueroa St.; 213-745-8050):?With big colorful photos drenching their walls, Viztango is perfect for when you’re so hungry all you want to do is grunt and point to the pretty picture of Penne Vodka with Chicken ($8.50) and soon be digging into the delicately creamy sauce dripping from al dente pasta. To assuage your hunger, Viztango kicks off your meal with a bowl of warm rosemary focaccia, flecked with chunks of salt. On each table you’ll find parmesan, hot sauce, red pepper flakes, oil and vinegar to create your own dipping sauce (I recommend vinegar, parmesan and red pepper flakes.). Carbs are the star at Viztango, where the portions are plentiful and the cost is low ($6.50-$9.50).

Spudnuts (3027 S. Hoover St.; 213-748-6865): Sure, everyone wants to avoid the “Freshman 15,” but sometimes you just need a treat, and nothing beats a Spudnut. I’d never seen or heard of Spudnuts until I attended USC, where I began my torrid affair with them. What is a Spudnut? They’re donuts made from potatoes, which, somehow, creates the lightest, fluffiest, most addictive confection in the world! Glazed, iced and sugar donuts cost 75 to 90 cents, while bear claws and fritters top out at $1.35. Betcha can’t eat just one.