Previously a rabid Amos fan, I’ve waited for an album that would seduce me back. Abnormally Addicted to Sin is the one I’ve been waiting for, a dark and melodic offering with theatrical overtones.

The album opens with the foreboding “Give.” Lyrical hints at prostitution against a sinister synth backdrop collide with Amos’ soaring voice. “Welcome to England” is a classic Amos composition, with piano nestled gently against acoustic guitar and a delicate string section.

“Strong Black Vine” is a soulful glam number with imagery nodding toward her religious Southern upbringing while hinting at a more political slant. “Curtain Call” is perfection, reminiscing on a lifetime of bad decisions and guilt.

“Not Dying Today” is the album’s major misstep, sounding like it belongs on the soundtrack to a Disney film. My other gripe is that this release is too long, and by the time the gorgeous piano-driven “Ophelia” and drab “Lady in Blue” roll along, I’m tapping my foot impatiently. Still I’m inclined to rate it high, because divided into well-savored smaller doses, this is a stellar offering.

Grade: A

Abnormally Addicted to Sin is currently available.