On her 19th release, The Loving Kind, folk-country singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith once again mines political and personal ground. The 13-song collection ranges in content from civil rights to everyday heroes, and from injustice to barstool banter.

Throughout, Griffith sings about optimism, equity, amity and equality with quiet determination and mannered passion. The fiddle-flavored country title track finds Griffith revisiting the 1967 landmark court case Loving v. Virginia, which ended the ban on interracial marriage. Stirring ballad “Still Life” indicts Bush as it celebrates Obama’s new American hope.

Griffith finishes with two cuts concerning a traditional honky tonk topic: “Tequila After Midnight” acknowledges alcohol’s numbing effects, while late-night country two-stepper “Pour Me a Drink” asks for one more before closing time.

Grade: A

The Loving Kind is currently available.