While now relatively unknown in the States, yet somehow easily recognized when his club bangers take charge, Montreal-born DJ/producer Tiga helped pioneer Canada’s intro to acid house and electro thereafter. Following his Juno Award-winning Sexor, Tiga returns with Ciao!, a collection of neo-disco that is equal parts club noise and soothing electro treats.

Ciao! sees Tiga letting his vocal chops loose to tear through synthesizers that are as dreamy as they are dirty. Where his vocals often miss, the craftwork production takes hold.

While Tiga jokingly admitted via hilarious faux promo interviews that his voice is his sole means of expression, in no way does Ciao! stand out lyrically. The annoyingly redundant “Shoes” proves so.

Both hit and miss, Ciao! lacks the oomph to make it stellar, yet Tiga’s authenticity bests the glitch-noise today’s less talented hacks boast.

Grade: B-

Ciao! is currently available.