Damon & Pythias (1061 Broxton Ave., Los Angeles; 310-824-8777)

Named for the Greek legends symbolizing loyalty in friendship, this quick-meal restaurant is blocks from the school. Their salads are huge (half portions are filling enough), their garlic fries are addictive and their selection of unique sandwiches makes a $12 tab slightly worth it. Aside from the food, beer on tap and a no-card frequent buyer program makes Damon & Pythias the best cafeteria-style Greek-named non-exclusively Greek restaurant in Westwood.

In-N-Out Burger (922 Gayley Ave., Westwood; in-n-out.com)

If you’re not from California, you couldn’t possibly understand the appeal of In-N-Out’s never-changing menu of shakes, burgers and fries, but it’s such a simple formula – and they do it better than anyone else ever could – that the location in Westwood is always packed. Always open late and with burger meals around $5, it’s no wonder college kids are addicted to the healthiest fast food this side of the Rockies.

Jose Bernstein (935 Broxton Ave., Westwood; 310-208-4992)

Jose Bernstein is a late-night Mexican restaurant with a weird name and an even weirder menu. They serve greasy burgers, mahi mahi fish tacos and the random-yet-famous Kimchi Galbi Burrito. Crammed between Habibi and BJ’s, they have cheap food in heaping portions, and since their burritos and quesadillas are stuffed full of gut-busting goodness for less than $5 each, it might be worth battling the un-air conditioned hole in the wall (of course you can always get delivery).

Lamonica’s New York Pizza (1066 Gayley Ave., Westwood; 310-208-8671)

With the inside décor consisting of subway signs and hometown photos, Lamonica’s New York pizza by the slice is served just like in the Big Apple – on a paper plate with lots of grease and poor customer service. Although the whole joint is cash only, Monday is 2 for 1 pizza day, delivery goes until last call on the weekends and the not-too-thin-not-too-thick crust has stood up to even the hardest New York critics.

Nizam of India (10871 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles; 310-470-1441)

Indian food is usually pricey, especially in a sit-down place, but Nizam’s $7.95 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet puts them on the cheap eats map. A good, brisk walk from the UCLA campus, this authentic Indian restaurant lays out enough samosas, mushroom matter, daal, chicken tikka masala and dessert and fruit bar to fill every hungry student through dinnertime. The naan is always warm, and the rice pudding is the best. Nizam is good for dinner, but best for stuffing your face at lunch.

Socko’s Subs (920 Broxton Ave., Westwood Village; 310-824-1222)

Between the ultra-low $3 minimum for delivery orders and kitchy sub names, Socko’s is UCLA’s go-to for cheap sandwiches served fast and with a smile. They have sandwiches for four different hungry-levels (skinny, super, giant and specialty) with names like Kareem Abdul Jabeef, Big Willy Style and the Scatman (remember him?!), and although the bread selection is lacking in options, delivery never takes more than 15 minutes to anywhere in the greater Westwood area.

The Stand (1116 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles; 310-443-0400)

A cross between an early-century diner, a soda fountain and a boardwalk eatery, the Stand is Westwood’s old school answer to new school cravings. They have beef or turkey dogs and six different kinds of sausage that you can load up with your choice of 32 different toppings (like spicy Cajun sauce, salsa, feta cheese and coleslaw) or pick from their menu of pre-designed stand dogs (like the bacon-wrapped Downtown L.A. or the chipotle-BBQ-sauced Big Bleu). Root beer, cream soda and real beer on tap, too. Yum!