Their name invokes images of both the past and the present and Germany’s Ancient Astronauts deliver an album that is just that. We Are to Answer, the band’s debut album, is a conglomeration of traditional sounds mixed with contemporary sensibility and modern beats that results in a beautiful, ethereal sound.

It’s hard to pin this band into a definitive genre, with songs like the Middle Eastern touched “Lost in Marrakesh (With Entropik)” next to tracks featuring hip-hop stylings like “Oblivion (With Azeem & DJ Zeph)” and the relaxing “From the Sky” all with a sound lying somewhere between smooth jazz, funk and hip-hop. The album on the whole is a demonstration of aural ingenuity, and there are sparks of real brilliance in every track, but if you only listen to one song from this whole album, seriously, check out the sexy, seductive “A Hole to Swallow Us (With Phat Old Mamas)” and lose yourself in the music.

Grade: A

We Are to Answer is currently available.