“Schoolhouse Rock Live Too!” delivers a hearty helping of cotton candy. The cast of six talented guys and gals carry us through a musical with a markedly “Sesame Street” format.

Nina (Lisa Tharps) owns and operates a business-less diner with her sister, Cleo, who is intent on closing the place unless Nina, “Cookie” (Michael Lopez) and waitress Julie (Jayme Lake) come up with some ideas to increase diner revenue. In comes friend Rebecca (Tricia Kelly) and customers – guitar-playing Lucky (Harley Jay) and teacher Tom (Brian Wesley Turner) – to lend a hand.

They take us through 23-piece-band-backed numbers that are far from rock ’n’ roll styled. “SRL TOO!” turns out to be harmless, good-natured fun.

The Greenway Court Theatre is located at 544 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles. For more information, visit schoolhouserockla.com.