No Go Know is a band with ambition. That explains this double album: indie rock with gnashed guitar string twisting, groove-flecked jams, icy space rock and clear-eyed acoustic odes. No Go Know is not easy to categorize, but influences include Built to Spill, My Morning Jacket and Pink Floyd; essentially the group has mastered the trick of meshing inspirations into a specific sound that does not seem unfocused or overtly derivative.

The first half highlights encompass the intense build-up during riffing “My Black Dog,” where Scott Taylor layers a scorching guitar solo, and Modest Mouse-esque “Yours Is a Small, Still Voice,” a jumpy jaunt that unexpectedly swaps to minor chords halfway through. Second half standouts comprise epic psychedelic jam “Is It Getting Better?” equally lengthy, herky-jerky “No, We Won’t” and classic rock meets slacker rock “Life Is Forever for Everyone.”

Grade: B

Time Has Nothing To Do With It will be available July 7.