Four years ago, “Emily Kane” could make you smile, wince and both root for and pity the man behind the story. Live, that man, Eddie Argos, argues and rambles like his words are as fresh as they were in the studio. On stage, it becomes suddenly apparent that Art Brut is a protest band of the best variety, fighting against saccharine music that’s been regurgitated 10 times over for a musically ignorant and receptive audience. They’re protesting against irony, against contrived coolness, even drummers’ stools (drummer Mikey Breyer stands up to show off his red pants while he plays).

My sex is on fire ... my sex is on fire ... my sex is on ... yawwwn … my sex is on fire. Am I human or am I dancing? What does it mean? It means nothing!

They really do hate pop music. But they’re pro-happiness, somewhat ironically and then not. Argos pointed out during this, their second night of a three-date run at Spaceland, that we, the audience, should all form bands because – look at us! We’re so happy. And that we should form bands to keep records in record shops. And that DC Comics makes him want to rock out.

Are you ready, Art Brut? No metaphors, no sleazy dancing, no puckered mouths (see: Los Angeles) – just genuine smiles and authentic stories.