Antony Johnston expands his post-apocalyptic world even wider in the latest installment of his epic sci-fi western.

We meet up with the mysterious drifter Michael and the healer Abi, having left the city of Newbegin and set out across the desert in search of a mythical land. But along the way they are captured by a cutthroat Dog Tribe and find themselves in the middle of an intertribal blood feud. With great attention to detail, Johnston structures these roving packs of humans and dogs along canine hierarchies and behavior.

It’s difficult to say how this episode will fit into the whole of the Wasteland universe, but if Johnston crafts the overall story arc with as much thought as he puts into the smaller elements of each volume, it definitely hints at a sweeping and ambitious epic.

Grade: B+

Wasteland Book 4: Dog Tribe is currently available.