This romantic comedy’s soundtrack boasts a youthful summer feel, greater than that of Garden State.

The first track is the opening narration in the film; a James Earl Jones-esque narrator emphasizes that this is NOT a love story. The other tracks mirror the ups and downs of love, yet that opening track sticks in your mind reminding you what not to presume.

Regina Spektor’s “Us” is the perfect song to start with. Its upbeat, piano-driven melody is flighty, like a summer breeze that makes you smile. “Hero” is Spektor’s grandest contribution to the soundtrack.

The Smiths, of course, deliver, keeping the beat alive for two songs. Then, “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” is that prayer for a chance; that first inkling of hope before wanting turns to having.

What makes the soundtrack stand out is its connection to the story, and how the songs string the characters’ days together. If the movie doesn’t have your heart fluttering, the soundtrack will surely have your feet tapping from beginning to end.

Grade: A

(500) Days of Summer Soundtrack is currently available.